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Website is up and running !

The new website is up and running. Some features still need to be implemented though.

What works :

  • Home page with features and description
  • Library : you can browse existing games and apps, click on one and see more information (description, source code, download link…)
  • Forums : that’s the place for the community. Forums are split in 3 main category : Using the uGEMS, development of uGEMS itself and general discussions.
  • Getting Started, Wiki and Store page ready to be filled with content

What’s still need to be done :

  • Getting Started guide
  • Create Wiki content (general documentation, both hardware and software)
  • Add a Tutorials section with easy to follow instruction to create games, app, extensions…
  • Setup the Store. At first, it may links to a crowdfunding campaign page, and finally point to a true online shop.
  • Add private message capabilities to the Forums



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