uGEMS Tools downloads and links

Here you can download tools to help you create application for the uGEMS

uGEMS Toolset

uGEMS Toolset is a bunch of tools that lets you convert graphics to source code or binary file (with or without overlay for preview). You can also generate a ready-to-use Tilemap from a picture : it will automatically detects tiles, convert them to source code and create the appropriate map structure. If you have a collision mask, you can also directly assign the collision value to the map structure by uploading the mask. This application is cross platform (download the version corresponding to your operating system below).

Download “uGEMS Toolset - OSX” uGEMS Toolset.dmg – Downloaded 555 times – 10 MB

Download “uGEMS Toolset - Windows” – Downloaded 573 times – 17 MB


Preview Maker

Preview Maker will let you turn a 128x128px picture into an application preview file for the uGEMS loader. Thanks to Synless for providing this tool ! 🙂 This application is Windows-only (.NET required). A cross platform solution will be provided soon.

Download “PreviewMaker” – Downloaded 589 times – 12 KB


Sprite to source converter

This tool convert a BMP file into a C/C++ formatted array to be used in your program together with the graphic engine. It is an alpha version that won’t be updated : an all in one, cross platform replacement tool will be provided soon. This application is Windows-only (.NET required).

Download “Spriter” – Downloaded 595 times – 8 KB

Online converter

This online tool created by Henning Karlsen lets you convert .png and .jpg image to binary files (for preview) or to header files (for use with the graphic engine). You can find it here. To use image as preview, rename files from .raw to .bin. To use c/c++ array, open the created .c file to find the source of the converted picture. An all in one, cross platform replacement tool will be provided soon.