What’s uGEMS ?


The uGEMS is an handheld game console, that can run games and applications that you programmed yourself or downloaded in the library. It has an amazing OLED color display and embeds tons of features : accelerometer, SD card, speaker, audio jack… You want more peripherals ? More interractivity ? The uGEMS has an standard extension socket to connect sensors or add features !


uGEMS is compatible with the easier and most famous open-source embedded software framework : Arduino. It lets you interact with the hardware and develop application without struggle. We also provide an additional software layer to help you use the on-board peripherals to make sounds or detect the console’s orientation. And with our custom game engine, creating your own game is a piece of cake ! You’ll see, coding is not rocket science!

Education platform

In addition to being a game console, the uGEMS is a good device to learn how to code. We provide tutorials for making your own game, audio player, weather station, robot controller, musical instrument,… There’s a lot of examples, and thanks to the knowledge base, you can easily start building great projects ! Let’s change the way of learning to code, let’s bring some fun and entertainment !


OLED Display

The uGEMS has a beautiful 1.5″ color display. It is a 16bit screen (65536 colors), with a resolution of 128 by 128 pixels : perfect for cool retro style game ! The OLED technology allows you to see what’s on screen even if you are in a bright environment, and from any angle of view ! You’ll love to see these pixels at work !




Inside the uGEMS, there is an Inertial Measurement Unit made of a 3D accelerometer, a 3D gyroscope and a 3D magnetometer. To store and load game/application, there is an SD card. Thanks to the battery management system, you can charge and monitor the integrated lithium battery. There is also a vibrator motor to add haptic feedback to your games : bzzzzz !


The uGEMS has a 10bit DAC connected to a 1.4W audio amplifier. If no headphones are plugged in the audio jack, the sound is routed to the embedded speaker. As soon as headphones are plugged in, the speaker automatically stops and the sound is routed to the audio jack !

32bit ARM CPU

The uGEMS embeds a 48MHz ARM Cortex M0+ 32bit CPU from Atmel®, the SAMD21, which is far more powerful that the one on standard Arduino boards! Thanks to the highly optimized graphic engine you can achieve high FPS games and animations. With uGEMS, the famous ARM architecture is at your fingertips !


Thanks to the extension connector, you can buy or design yourself a lot of add-on boards and peripherals. It’s a standard 2.54mm header, so it is also compatible with standard electronic prototyping platforms. In addition to the power rail there are 4 digitals inputs/outputs. You can choose between various mode : SPI protocol, I2C protocol + 2 GPIO, UART (Serial) protocol + 2 GPIO or 4 GPIO. This is the perfect things to bring interactive game design to live, or even crazy robots !

Easy Development

The uGEMS is Arduino compatible. It means that you can program it using the well known, easy and friendly Arduino IDE software. You also have access to the Arduino framework in your code, which is super easy to use. You’re a Visual Studio lovers? Don’t worry, thanks to a cool plugin, you’ll be able to use your favorite tool to program uGEMS apps! Take a look in the knowledge base to help you getting started!

Check games and app
uGEMS V1.1 with enclosure
ugems pcba console back

Want to start coding ? Take a look at our getting started page !

Want to download existing games ? Go to our library !

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